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History | Oscotec Inc.


Mar. Dr. Yoon Tae-Young inaugurated as Separate CEO


Oct. Approval for SYK inhibitor's Phase 2 clinical trial of ITP drug candidate
Jun. Won KOSDAQ's exception policy on listing adminstration


Nov. L/O of EGFR-Targeted Anti-Cancer Drug (Yuhan yo Janssen Biotech.)
Oct. Drug candidate for Reumotoid Arthritis selected as KDDF sponsored Project (Phase 2 clinical trial)


Dec. Commencement of Phase 1 clinical trial of FLT3-Targeted drug candidate for AML
Jul. Completion of SYK inhibitor's FDA Phase 1 clinical trial for Reumotoid Arthritis in US


Oct. Approval for Phase 1 clinical trial of FLT3-Targeted drug candidate fot AML
IND and CTA of FLT3, AML drug
Apr. GENOSCO separated into R&D company (Moved to Head quarter in Boston)
Jan. Selected for Korea Drug Development Fund (KDDF) project Development of SYK inhibitor for Rheumatoid Arthritis


Dec. Complete in Pre-clinical study for AML drug
Sep. IND and CTA of SYK, inhibitor Rheumatoid Arthritis
Jul. Licensing Out EGFR, non-small-cell-lung-cancer drug candidate
Apr. Porcine pericardium membrane LysoGide approved and production begins


Jun. Selected for Ministry of Health & Welfare’s R&D project Development of FLT3 inhibitor for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia
May Selected for Korea Drug Development Fund (KDDF) project Development of SYK inhibitor for rheumatoid Arthritis
Apr. Bone graft BioCera-F approved by KFDA and production begins


Oct. Ministry of Science, ICT and future planning-Development of Novel Drug for Parkinson’s disease
Jan. Exclusivity agreement with Pietro Coricelli S.p.a. for Cirio&Albano brand products


Aug. Central R&D Center registered as Head Office
May AML drug pre-clinical test
Mar. First shipment of functional of functional ingredient to Japan
Jan. Joint Health 337, based on AIF, began commercial production. SYK inhibitor, targeting rhumatoide arthritis, was awarded 3 ministries combined fund


Nov. SMBA granted fund to perform comparative clinical tests for InduCera at major dental hospitals
Aug. R&D Center moved into Korea Bio Park and expanded to become Oscotec Central R&D Center
Jun. Commercial production and sales of InduCera
Singing agreement with Iwaki Corp. as an exclusive agent in Japan.
Mar. Licensing out BT-301, periodontal drug candidate, to Yuhan Pharmaceutical


Oct. KFDA approval of AIF, compound of 3 herbal ingredients, as joint health supplement
Aug. KFDA approval of InduCera, dual coated bone graft
Jun. Min. of knowledge & Economy grant on ODS project for int’l collaboration R&D


Jun Sigring of Agreement for Commercial Development of Tin Mines in Bana Island, Indonesia Estthlishment of PT Osco Global Mandiri (Indonesian Corporation)
First Dosing for Phase I chnical study of Of OCT-1547, new drug candidate lbr the treatment of osteoporosis
May IND and CTA of OCT-1547, new drug candidate lbr the treatment of osteoporosis
Fund of Ministry For Health, Wel1 re And Family Affairs for the clirical study of OCT-1547, new drug caididate for the treatment of osteoporosis
Mar. Rena-ning of OCT US6Jnc. – GENOSCO


Dec. Consulting Agreement for the business in Japan with Avedes Japan: KK.
Fund of Ministry Of Education, Science And Technology kr the new drug development for the treatment of theumatoid arthritis
Aug. Fi.rid of Small And Medium Business A&ninistration for the new drug development for the treatment of arthritis through olecular design
Jun. Consulting Agreement for the IND and CTA of OCT-1547. New drug candidate lbr the treatment of osteoporosis, with Kendle International Inc.


Sep. Collaborative Research Agreement for the new drug development for the treatment of osteoporosis with ChiKiren’s Hospital Boston, the primary pediatric teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School
Jun. KGMP of Bone Graft Material
May Sales Agreement with Olitalia Inc., an ltahan food corporation
Jan. KOSDAQ(Korean Security Dealers Automated Quotation) listing


May. Launching ‘High Calcium DHA Milk – Tall Kids’ with Pasteur Milk which is a bone growth acceleration material products
Launching SynCera, a bone graft material which has dual porosities; macropore and micropore
Apr. Signing of supply agreement of OsteoPeak series products(nutraceuticals) with Publix Super Markets (USA)


Nov. Signing of joint research agreement with KT&LG on developing preventive or treatment material for osteoporosis and arthritis
Aug. Foreign Capital Investment through JAIC
Jul. Signing of affiliate sales agreement of PostPlant, a nutraceutical that helps bone adhesion and bone formation with B. Braun Korea Co. Ltd.,
Jun. Signing of supply agreement of SGA, a bone growth acceleration material with KIRIN Co., Ltd.
Mar. Signing of supply agreement of Osteopeak series products(nutraceuticals) with GNC (USA)


Nov. Foreign Capital Investment agreement with Roberts Mitani, LLC
Jun. BBP(Bovine Bone Powder) Obtained FDA (USA) Approval


Dec. Establishment of a strategic partnership with KT&G. Received Capital Investment from KT&G
Designated as chief research institute in the 2nd materials and components development project, 2003
Aug. A thesis proving the efficacy of Osteon, Osteopeak and Osteorlis on the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis as well as acceleration of bone regeneration was published in Clinica Chimica Acta
Jun. Bone transplant material BBP / BioCera obtained European Union CE Certification
Feb. Signing of supply agreement of extracted material that have osteoporosis preventive properties to V1LAC Co., Ltd.


Aug. Bone transplant material BBP / BioCera obtained ISO9001 and 15013485 Certification
Apr. Signing of supply agreement of herbal medicinal material that have osteoporosis treatment efficacy with CJ Corporation


Aug. Selected as one of the INNO-BIZ companies (Innovative Technology Company) by the Small and Medium Business Adminisation
Jul. Receiving ‘Excellent platform technology developer’ award in NEWTECH KOREA2001
Mar. Relocation to new Headquarters


Dec. Establishment of OCT USA
Oct. First ever Asian company to exhibit its products at the 22nd The American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR)
Apr. Established affiliated research institute of OCT USA
Mar. KT Certification, Excellent Korean Technology, by the Ministry of Science & Technology


Dec. Obtained the manufacturing and itemization authorization for bone transplant material from the KFDA (Korean Food & Drug Administration)
Aug. Selected as an Excellent Technology Venture Company
Jun. Company name changed to Oscotec Inc


Dec. Establishment of Oscotec Co., Ltd, within Dankook University School of Dentisty
Sep. Selected as a SME Venture company eligible to receive funding to establish a company by the Small Business Corporation
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